The DangerMouse episodes we have
all come to know and love first aired in 1981. Since then it has bulit an audience over
6 Million strong! And for 2 years begining in June of 1984, he started entertaining
millions more in the US on the Nickelodeon channel in the afternoons where almost
overnight he shot into their highest ratings. 
In England 3 videos were created and began selling strongly with the 3rd shooting
instantly into the #3 slot on release. There where also over 200 different items of DM
merchandise available in England, from books to mugs to soap and even Wellington
boots! It is also rumored that a video game came out titled DangerMouse In Double Trouble" 

The Series has been sold in over 31 countries and 7 seasons have been screened in
England. However only 5 tapes are available in the US. 






1 TVF2673

Danger Mouse

Custard - Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind - The Bad luck Eye of the Little Yellow God - Trouble with Ghosts
2 TVF2851

Danger Mouse

Who Stole The Bagpipes - The Odd Ball Run Around - The Return Of Count Duckula - Public Enemy
3 TVF3030

Danger Mouse

The Dream Machine - The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse - The Chicken Run - The Planet of the Cats
4 TVF3246

Danger Mouse Rides Again

Die Laughing - The Day Of The Suds - 150 Million Years Lost - Rogue Robots
5 TVF3513

Danger Mouse

Lord of the Bungle - The Invasion of Colonel K. - Tower of Terror - Int.l Odd Bods Inc.



Danger Mouse Annual 1984


The Danger Mouse Files


Danger Mouse In Double Trouble


Fantasy - Empire

Heft 18