Die Guten

Danger Mouse

The Daring Dashing Dynamic Mouse

"We're On Our Way Colonel !"

Ernest Penfold

DM's Faithful Hamster Assistant

"Crumbs Chief!"

Colonel K

The Walrus Head of British Secret Service

"Uh ..Over And Uh?"

Agent 57


The Master Of Disquise

As In Heinz 57

Buggles Pigeon


The Flying Ace

"Jolly Good O'l Boy !"

Miss Boathook


Colonel K's Secretary

"Yes Colonel !"

Professor Skwarkenklux   The Resident Boffin "Triumph of Science and Technology"



The Lonely Talkative Announcer

"Oh Really..Get A Job"

Die Bösen

Baron Silas Greenback

DM's Arch Evil Villain Toad

"I Will Rule The World !"


Greenback's Pet Catapillar



Greenbacks Right Hand Crow

"Yes Barone' "



The Baron's left hand Crow

"Uh Huh?...Oh Yea Right"

Count Duckula

The Stage Struck Evil Duck

"I Want My Own TV Show !"

Mad Manuel


The Flamenco Assassin

"Ole, Ole, Ole"