DM and other movies

DangerMouse and his trusty sidekick Penfold, spend most of their time protecting the world
from their arch enemy, the evil Baron Silas Greenback and his henchmen. Clearly a spoof of
the many James Bond episodes. In fact DangerMouse is heavely layered with arty witty
spoofs of all types. Ranking the program up there with Monti Python and Airplane. 
In an episode titled "Custard" they travel to an alien planet where Penfold accidently awakens
a cartoon version of Alien, breaking out of it's egg to plant a big wet sucky kiss on Penfold.
They then wind up crashing into the moon and getting to earth via a "time travelers potting
shed." Poking fun at Dr Who's Tardis! 
And for Raider of the Lost Ark fans, there was an episode titled "The Long Lost Crown Afair"
where the episode opens within a temple hidden in the South American jungle. where DM and
Penfold are chased by a huge ball that turns out to be part of a huge game of snooker..... and
they get holed! 
It should also be noted that DangerMouse lives in a trusty red pillar box just outside of the
Baker Street home of Sherlock Holmes famous residence! And just as James Bond loves his
gadgets DM drives the greatest car ever given to any secret agent. Not to mention his very
nimble "Space Hopper". 


Though primarily intended for children, the show is best appreciated from an adult point of
view. For the younger viewers there is the slapstick which is combined with the sophisticated
parodies and the witty remarks most certainly lost on anyone under 15. 
Without a doubt, DangerMouse is one of the funniest zaniest most imaginative cartoons, no
Shows, ever created!