Name: Daffy Duck

Birthdate: April,17; 1937
Birthplace: Warner studio's


Creator: Tex Avery
Voices: Mel Blanc
First Appearance: "Porky's Duck Hunt."

Interesting Info: Daffy seemed to be the agent through which the strongest of the Warner cartoon directors most expressed their filmmaking personalities; each director would find aspects of the duck that would articulate their own individual temperament. In each of their hands Daffy would become a different entity, and with each he would become more complex by the accretion of influences from past performances, whitmanesque in his own way, Daffy contained multitoons. Daffy's first appearance was in Tex Avery's 1937 Porky's Duck Hunt which brings Porky to a marshland with his loyal Hound hunting for ducks, but among the many ducks one would refuse to play by the rules. Squat and rounded, Daffy quickly lets himself be shot; but when Porky's dog brings the carcus back to his master Daffy turns the table by tossing the dogs exhausted corpus at Porky's feet. Daffy then breaks into a giddy laugh, and goads Porky. For being only a bit player Daffy would go on to steal the hearts of the audience " At that time, audiences weren't accustomed to seeing a cartoon character do these things " Clampett told Mike Barrier and so, after Porky's Duck Hunt people left the theaters talking about Daffy Duck. Tex Avery would go on to direct two more cartoons with the screwloose duck, 1938's Daffy Duck and Egghead and 1938's Daffy Duck in Hollywood, both of which were in color. Bob Clampett the WB Studio's most passionate advocate of unmotivated lunacy started casting Daffy as an oddball goofball, always out of control. Clampett would bring change to Daffy's appearance, making him taller, skinnier and more thinlimbed, crossing his eyes and his movements would become staccato and erratic and his getaways were proceeded by little leg-swinging hops of no apparent purpose and under these conditions Daffy would execute some of his most outrageous gags. By the early 1940's Robert McKimson would again change Daffy, he would become more rounder,weightier, and more solid, drawn with tailored, graceful lines that brightened his smile and made him handsome. Daffy would also grow more intellectual, an example of this transmutution can be seen in Friz Frelengs 1944's Duck Soup to Nuts. In the 1950's Daffy would again be transformed, his psychobiography was being rewritten by Chuck Jones. Daffy would appear taller, beakier, scrawnier, and more angular, and also more of a creature of the mind abandoning his penchant for speed gags. Jones made Daffy what he described as a "self-preservationist," fighting furiously to preserve his skin or his dignity against a world that would rob them from him. Yet in Jone's work it is usually Daffy himself who triggers the processes that flay him. For Daffy's self-interest invariably becomes self-destruction; still impulsive, Daffy acts before he thinks. Chuck Jones once said "Daffy has courage that most of us just don't have,he will continue to try and try again where we would have given up, because failure is unknown to him. No matter how badly things have worked out, he's always going to come back." As the 1950's unrolled Daffy would play some of his most famous rolls, being teamed with Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd in classics shorts such as 1951's Rabbit Fire, 1952's Rabbit Seasoning and 1953's Duck! Rabbit, Duck! He would also star with a little unknown Martian in 1953's Duck Dodgers and the 24 1/2 Century. Daffy's career has spanned more than 60 years with some of the finest cartoons to come out of Termite Terrace, Daffy embodied such qualities as malicious evil, shameless self promotion, pure hate ("You're Dethpicable!") and , most of all, insatiable greed.


1937: Porky's Duck Hunt
Porky Pig,Daffy Duck: April,17; LT; Fred Avery
Note: Daffy Duck's debut. remade the following year as "Porky's Hare Hunt" with a Bugs Bunny prototype. Porky and his Dog go hunting ducks in the marshes, where they encounter a little black duck who ululate hysterically as he bounces across the marsh.

1938: Daffy Duck and Egghead
Daffy Duck; Egghead: January,1; MM; Fred Avery
Egghead goes hunting but Daffy's nuttiness gets the best of him

1938: Porky and Daffy
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: August,6; LT; Robert Clampett
Porky Pig manages boxer Daffy Duck against the Champ for a $500 prize.

1938: The Daffy Doc
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: November,26; LT; Robert Clampett
Doctor Daffy gets kicked out of an operation, and goes in search of his own patient. The next thing you know he's after Porky Pig, using giant mallets and axes.

1938: Daffy Duck in Hollywood
Daffy Duck: December,3; MM; Fred Avery
Daffy torments a movie director (I. M. Stupendos) on the set, then edits his film into a wacky off beat movie, which the producer loves.

1939: Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur
Daffy Duck: April,22; MM; Chuck Jones
Casper wants a duck for dinner, so Daffy makes his life miserable.

1939: Scalp Trouble
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: June,24; LT; Robert Clampett
Note: Black and white. (remade in 1944 as "Slightly Daffy") Daffy is the stern commander of a frontier fort in Injun territory. Soon the entire Sioux nation is attacking the fort and the screwiness begins.

1939: Wise Quaks
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: August,5; LT; Robert Clampett
Mr. and Mrs. Daffy Duck are expecting a baby duck, where Daffy gets drunk and Porky tries to help.

1940: Porky's Last Stand
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: January,6; LT; Robert Clampett
Daffy and Porky are short order cooks out in the middle of nowhere.

1940: You Ought To Be In Pictures
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: May,18; LT; I. Freleng
Note: Uses a combination of live action and animation, movie-star caricatures 'step out' at a Hollywood nightclub. An artist is shown drawing Porky Pig, when every one breaks for lunch Daffy comes to life and convinces Porky to quit cartoons and try features instead.

1941: A Coy Decoy
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: June,7; LT; Robert Clampett
At midnight when all decent books "comes to life" Porky is seen singing "Ride Tenderfoot Ride" and Daffy pops out of a book called The Westerner.

1941: The Henpecked Duck
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: August,30; LT; Robert Clampett
Daffy & Mrs. Daffy go to divorce court after his magic trick makes their egg disappear and he tries to substitute a doorknob to replace it.

1942: Conrad The Sailor
Daffy Duck, Conrad Cat: February,28; MM; Chuck Jones
Ensign Conrad tries to rid Daffy from his battleship using various gags.

1942: Daffy's Southern Exposure
Daffy Duck: May,2; LT; Norman McCabe
Note: Colorized in 1992. opens with an urge to buy war bonds, and a defense bonds sign can be seen on the side of the Wolf & Weasel cabin Daffy refuses to fly south for winter, confronts winter weather, seeks food in Wolf and Weasel's cabin where they've had nothing but beans.

1942: The Impatient Patient
Daffy Duck: September,5; LT; Norman McCabe
Note: Colorized in 1992. (original was color but had faded badly) Messenger Daffy goes to Dr. Jerkyl to get cured of the hiccups. The Doc drinks his formula and tries to scare Daffy to cure him, but Daffy's weirder still.

1942: The Daffy Duckaroo
Daffy Duck: October,24; LT; Norman McCabe
Daffy becomes a cowboy & woos an Indian maid, but has to run off her scalping boyfriend.

1942: My Favorite Duck
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: December,5; LT; Chuck Jones
Daffy torments Porky during his canoe & camping trip.

1943: To Duck Or Not To Duck
Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd: March,6; LT; Chuck Jones
Note: Some currently-airing versions are missing refferies below-the-belt instructions Elmer shoots Daffy down, only to be challenged to a one sided boxing match.

1943: The Wise Quacking Duck
Daffy Duck: May,1; LT; Robert Clampett
Daffy takes advantage of a timid little man who tries to behead him.

1943: Yankee Doodle Daffy
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: July,3; LT; I. Freleng
Agent Daffy tries to convince Porky to cast his diminutive client, a lollipop sucking duck.

1943: Porky's Pigs Feat
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: July,17; LT; Frank Tashlin
Note:One of the last black-and white Looney Tunes. recolorized in 1990 Porky and Daffy owe their hotel bill, but Daffy loses their money gambling so they try (unsuccessfully) to sneak out.

1943: Scrap Happy Daffy
Daffy Duck: August,21; LT; Frank Tashlin
Note:Tashlin and Davis's first film since 1938's "You're an Education" upon returning from Columbia. At Daffy Duck's Scrap Pile, Daffy is climbing and yodeling on mountains of trash. While back in Germany Hitler is furious over Daffy's patriotism and orders his troops to "Destroy that Scrap Pile".

1943: Daffy-The Commando
Daffy Duck: November,28; LT; I. Freleng
Note:Contains an accurately-drawn Hitler. German protagonist wears monocle,has sidekick named "Schultz". since this predates "Stalag 17" and "Hogan's Heroes" Daffy the commando torments a German Vulture and eventually Hitler.

1944: Tom Turk and Daffy
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: February,12; LT; Chuck Jones
Note: Hiding sequence recycled from 1942's the "Dover Boys" and later revisited in 1949's "Holiday for Drumsticks". Daffy tries to help Tom Turkey hide from pilgrim Porky, who ends up chasing Daffy,and then Tom Turkey helps Daffy to hide.

1944: Tick Tock Tuckered
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: April,8; LT; Robert Clampett
Note: Color remake of Clampett's first cartoon "Porky's Badtime Story" Roommates Porky & Daffy oversleep, nearly losing their jobs. When they try to go to bed early they are awaken by many things.

1944: Duck Soup To Nuts
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: May,27; LT; I. Freleng
Daffy uses his acting ability to avoid being shot at by hunter Porky.

1944: Slighty Daffy
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: June,17; MM; I. Freleng
Note: Color remake of 1939's "Scalp Trouble" Daffy commands a U.S. outpost in the old west defending against indian attacks; Daffy gets filled with bullets & Porky uses him as machine gun.

1944: Plane Daffy
Daffy Duck: September,16; LT; Frank Tashlin
Note: Hitler has an guest appearance. One of the few times we actually see Daffy spread his wings and fly. "Woman Hater" Daffy takes on the german temptress spy "Hatta Mari".

1944: The Stupid Cupid
Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd: November,25; LT; Frank Tashlin
Note: Version airing on WB has the scene cut out where the cat being wooed by a dog shoots herself in the head. Cupid Elmer's arrows keep causing Daffy major problems.

1945: Draftee Daffy
Daffy Duck: January,27; LT; Robert Clampett
Daffy does everything he can to avoid the little man with the draft letter.

1945: Ain't That Ducky
Daffy Duck: May,19; LT; I. Freleng
Note:Starring comedian Victor Moore as a charicature of himself. At one point Daffy chastizes animator. Daffy tries to help a ungrateful crying little duck, then he and a hunter try to find out what's in the little duck's satchel

1945: Nasty Quacks
Daffy Duck: December,1; MM; Frank Tashlin
A doting father buys duckling Daffy for his daughter; when Daffy grows up he annoys the father who replaces him with a female Duck.

1946: Book Revue
Daffy Duck: January,5; LT; Robert Clampett
Note: Apparently referenced in Minaret/Animania magazine #13. contains caricatures of band-leader Benny Goodman. original title was "Book Revue" but all current prints have misspelled it. Idea reused for Animaniacs episode "Video Review" Plays on the titles of books popular of the time (many unrecognizable now)

1946: Baby Bottleneck
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: March,16; LT; Robert Clampett
Note: Overworked Stork is parody of Jimmy Durante. when Daffy speaks to "Mr. Dionne" it's a reference to the Dionne quintuplets. As the baby boom commences, Porky and Daffy help the Stork keep up with his heavy work load.

1946: Daffy Doodles
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: April,16; LT; Robert McKimson
Note: First McKimson directed film. Daffy sings different lyrics for "She was an acrobat's Daughter" than are used in "She Was An Acrobat's Daughter" cartoon of that same name. Daffy draws moustaches all over the city, As Porky the cop chases Daffy he ends up having many moustaches painted on him.

1946: Hollywood Daffy
Daffy Duck: June,22; MM; I. Freleng
Note: Contains parodies of Bette Davis, Jimmy Durante, Johnny Weismuller, Peter Lorre. Daffy tries to sneak into a Hollywood Studio, but the studio guard chases him.

1946: The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
Daffy Duck: July,20; LT; Robert Clampett
Note: One of WB's funniest. contains many parodies of Dick Tracy's villains Daffy dreams he's Duck Twacy, out to solve the piggy bank crime wave.

1947: The Birth of a Notion
Daffy Duck: April,12; LT; Robert McKimson
Note: As in 1946's "Hair-Raising Hare", Peter Lorre is a mad scientist Daffy avoids flying south but then has to save his wishbone instead from Leopold's master.

1947: Along Came Daffy
Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam: June,4; LT; I. Freleng
Salesduck Daffy becomes the main course when he calls on two starving snowbound brothers.

1947: The Upstanding Sitter
Daffy Duck: July,13; LT; Robert McKimson
While babysitting an egg, it hatches and Daffy must catch the runaway chick.

1947: A Pest in the House
Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd: August,3; MM; Chuck Jones
Bellhop Daffy keeps sleep-deprived guest awake who then beats on manager Elmer.

1947: Mexican Joyride
Daffy Duck: November,29; LT; Arthur Davis
Note: In some ways even better than 1953's popular "Bully for Bugs" Daffy vacations south of the border, only to anger the bull at a bullfight.

1948: What Makes Daffy Duck ?
Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd: February,14; LT; Arthur Davis
Note: Daffy sings a full chorus of "King for a day" Both Elmer and a Fox vie for Daffy, who pits them against each other.

1948: Daffy Duck Slept Here
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: March,6; MM; Robert McKimson
In a town where rooms are very scarce, Porky gets stuck with Daffy as a roommate.

1948: You Were Never Duckier
Daffy Duck, Henery Hawk: August,7; MM; Chuck Jones
Daffy tries to pass as a Rooster to win a $5,000 prize at a show, Henery Hawk takes him home to impress his father.

1948: Daffy Dilly
Daffy Duck: October,21; MM; Chuck Jones
Note:Remade in 1963 as "Fast Buck Duck" Also appears in 1988 "Daffy Duck's Quakbusters" Salesduck Daffy tries to make ailing "buzz-saw baron", (J.P. Cubish) laugh to earn a million bucks.

1948: Riff Raffy Daffy
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: November,7; LT; Arthur Davis
Policeman Porky keeps trying to kick vagrant Daffy out of the park, and then through a department store.

1948: The Stupor Salesman
Daffy Duck: November,20; LT; Arthur Davis
Daffy tries to sell household stuff to a holed up bank robber named Slug McSlug.

1949: Wise Quackers
Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd: January,1; LT; I. Freleng
To tired to fly south again, Daffy lands by hunter Elmer and begs Elmer not to shoot him, offering to be his slave instead.

1949: Holiday For Drumsticks
Daffy Duck: January,22; MM; Arthur Davis
Note:Hiding sequence recycled from 1942's the "Dover Boys" and 1944's "Tom Turk and Daffy" A Ozarks Hillbilly brings home a turkey for Thanksgiving, and Daffy convinces him not to eat all the food but to lose weight, while Daffy stuffs himself with the turkeys food the turkeys becomes thin as a rail and Daffy a nice plump dinner.

1949: Daffy Duck Hunt
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: March,26; LT; Robert McKimson
Porky and his dog go duck hunting, but Daffy is a tough adversary, who empties out their shells and then taunts them, making an easy target of himself knowing the buckshot won't be coming. he then falls for the dog's crying gag and gets taken home & put in a freezer, unable to escape.

1950: Boobs in the Woods
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: January,28; LT; Robert McKimson
Porky seeks tranquility in the woods but gets Daffy instead, claiming the lake and mountains are his, and imitating other characters.

1950: The Scarlet Pumpernickel
Daffy Duck, and a cast of thousands: March,4; LT; Chuck Jones
Note: Most version currently airing have new video edited over the scene where Daffy shoots himself in the head. Daffy has written his own screenplay that parodies the Scarlet Pimpernel (saves the fair Melissa from marrying the evil Grand Duke)

1950: His Bitter Half
Daffy Duck: May,20; MM; I. Freleng
Note: Remade in 1962 as "Honey's Money" After getting married Mrs Daffy lays the law down on Daffy or she'll wipe the smile off his face.

1950: Golden Yeggs
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: August,5; MM; I. Freleng
One of Porky's fowls lays a golden egg and blames Daffy to avoid bad fate. Daffy is then abducted by the mob and forced to lay more golden eggs.

1950: The Ducksters
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: September,2; LT; Chuck Jones
Daffy is the M.C. of "Truth or aaaaahhh!!", where Porky has to answer the questions or be horribly abused.

1951: Rabbit Fire
Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd: May,19; LT; Chuck Jones
Bugs and daffy each try to use hunting regulations to induce hunter Elmer to shoot the other, arguing endlessly wether it's really rabbit season or duck season.

1951: Dripalong Daffy
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: November,17; MM; Chuck Jones
In Snake Bite Center, the "Lawless western town" Dripalong Daffy (Western Type Hero) and his sidekick Porky (Comic Relief) try to bring law and order.

1951: The Prize Pest
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: December,22; MM; Robert McKimson
When Porky wins the grand prize from "The what's the name of your name' radio quiz show" out pops Daffy to bring pleanty of mayhem.

1952: Thumb Fun
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: March,1; LT; Robert McKimson
Daffy tries to migrate the easy way by hitching a ride to Miami with Porky, getting him in trouble with other drivers & cops.

1952: Cracked Quack
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: July,5; MM; I. Freleng
As in 1942 "Daffy's Southren Exposure" and 1947 "Birth of a Notion" Daffy imitates a stuffed duck in Porky's house to avoid flying south, but since he can't fool Porky's dog, he has to outwit him.

1952: Rabbit Seasoning
Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd: September,20; LT; Chuck Jones
Daffy's most memorable dialog. see 1951's "Rabbit Fire" and 1953's "Duck! Rabbit, Duck!" for more debate on whether it's rabbit or duck season. Daffy uses his own version of burma shave signs at outset. What hurts Daffy more, shotguns or misused pronouns?

1952: Super Snooper
Daffy Duck: November,11; LT; Robert McKimson
Detective Duck Drake (Private Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat) is summond to the J. Cleaver Axehandle Estate to solve a mystery.

1952: Fool Coverage
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: December,14; LT; Robert McKimson
When Porky claims he doesn't have accidents around the home, insurance salesduck Daffy tries to prove him wrong using a gas stove, messy closet, rocking chair, tnt candle to hurt him.

1953: Duck Amuck
Daffy Duck: February,28; MM; Chuck Jones
Note: Concept of animator abusing his creation revisited in 1955's "Rabbit Rampage" Daffy is terrorized by a animator gone nuts, who leaves Daffy without scenery,incrrect scenery, erases him, messes with the sound, draws him as a thing and drops the ceiling on him. As the toon ends we find Bugs as the animator.

1953: Muscle Tussle
Daffy Duck: April,18; MM; Robert McKimson
Daffy loses his girl to a muscle-bound duck at the beach,after getting some strength tonic he returns to challenge the handsome duck.

1953: Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Marvin Martian: July,25; MM; Chuck Jones
Note: Along with 1957's "What's Opera Doc?" possibly WB's most famous cartoon. Steven Spielberg used it in the background during a part of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" Daffy is sent to planet X to save the world by retrieving Aludium Fozdex (the shaving cream atom). After landing on planet X he encounters Marvin the Martian who just arrived in his Martian Maggot.

1953: Duck! Rabbit! Duck!
Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd: October,3; MM; Chuck Jones
Daffy tells Elmer it's rabbit season again, but Bugs claims to be a fricasseeing rabbit. It soon becomes duck, goat, skunk, pigeon, mongoose, duck, moose, fidder crab, and finally baseball season.

1954: Design For Leaving
Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd: March,27; LT; Robert McKimson
Daffy sells Elmer a household of modern "labor saving" devices. which creates total mayhem.

1954: Quack Shot
Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd: October,30; MM; Robert McKimson
Daffy uses drill, smoke, balloon, diving bell, toy boat, decoy bomb, dynamite, to get back at Elmer for shooting ducks.

1954: My Little Duckaroo
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: November,27; MM; Chuck Jones
Note: Sequel to 1951's "Drip-along Daffy" Daffy, as the masked avenger, goes after Nasty Canasta for the reward, and tries to fix his little red wagon.

1955: Beanstalk Bunny
Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd: February,12; MM; Chuck Jones
Daffy and Bugs climbs a giant beanstalk and are captured by the giant Elmer Fudd. A chase ensues which includes a trip for the two inside Elmer's head.

1955: Stork Naked
Daffy Duck: February,26; MM; I. Freleng
Note: Part of this cartoon was used in 1979's "The Bugs Bunny Mother's Day Special". By the time the stork gets to Daffy's place, he's been included in one to many toasts, and isn't prepared for Daffy's extensive defenses to help him reject the little "Bundle of Joy".

1955: This is a Life ?
Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam: July,9; MM; I. Freleng
Bugs Bunny is a surprise guest on Elmer "Ralph Edwards" Fudd's show, and Daffy tries his best to interup.

1955: Dime To Retire
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: September,3; LT; Robert McKimson
Porky takes a 10-cent room at Daffy's Hotel, but Daffy gets more money through extortion for mouse, cat, dog and lion extraction.

1956: The High and the Flighty
Foghorn Leghorn, Daffy Duck: February,18; LT; Robert McKimson
A Spring-loaded bone scene reused later in "Feather Bluster" Salesduck Daffy sells Foghorn and Barnyard Dog a lot of novelty practical jokes to enliven their feud.

1956: Rocket Squad
Porky Pig, Daffy Duck: March,10; MM; Chuck Jones
Note: Parody of Police Squad and Dragnet Porky and Daffy are space cops who are assigned to track down the flying saucer bandit.

1956: Stupor Duck
Daffy Duck: July,17; LT; Robert McKimson
Note: A TV parody highlighted by broad, loose-limbed animation. Faster than a bullet (as in pop gun), more powerful than a speeding locamotive ( an ancient put-put choo choo), able to leap the tallest building ( and get himself stuck on the flagpole). Daffy is Stupor Duck and out to save the world.

1956: A Star Is Bored
Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam: September,15; LT; I. Freleng
Trying to break into show biz, Daffy takes a job as Bugs Bunny's stunt double.

1956: Deduce You Say
Daffy Duck(as Dorlock Homes), Porky Pig(as Watkins): September,29; LT; Chuck Jones
Note: A sign in the window says "Selzer's Water", a reference to general producer Eddie Selzer The story of Daffy Duck (Dorlock Homes) pursuing the Shropshire Slasher as narrated by Porky Pig ( Watkins).

1957: Ali Baba Bunny
Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny: February,9; MM; Chuck Jones
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck tunnel into Ali Baba's treasure-filled cave, Bugs makes like genie to get rid of guard.

1957: Boston Quackie
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: June,22; LT; Robert McKimson
Note: A parody of "Boston Blackie" Daffy must deliver a important briefcase, which gets stolen and he must chase the thief around Paris and through a train to retrieve it.

1957: Ducking The Devil
Daffy Duck, Tasmanian Devil: August,17; MM; Robert McKimson
Daffy has to use music to lure the escaped Tasmanian Devil back to the Zoo to collect the award.

1957: Show Biz Bugs
Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny: November,2; LT; I. Freleng
Note: Daffy's final act is similar to the final act shown to Daffy in 1949's "Curtain Razor" Daffy and Bugs star together in a stage show, but the audience loves Bugs and Daffy constantly gets secound billing. Finally, Daffy pulls out his very best act, blowing himself up.

1958: Don't Axe Me
Daffy Duck Elmer Fudd: Janurary,4; MM; Robert McKimson
Elmer Fudd's wife is having company over for dinner Roast Duck that is and Daffy fights to keep his head.

1958: Robin Hood Daffy
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: March,8; MM; Chuck Jones
Little John Porky doesn't believe that Daffy is Robin Hood, so he resorts to showing his skills which lead to grave resaults.

1959: China Jones
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: February,14; LT; Robert McKimson
Daffy plays detective China Jones whos out to solve the mystery with the help of Porky Pig (Charlie Chung).

1959: People Are Bunny
Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny: December,19; MM; Robert McKimson
Note: This cartoon, like 1963's "The Million Hare", and 1951's "The Prize Pest", makes fun of the proliferation of game shows in the 1950's and 1960's. Daffy the hunter tries to win a $1,000 by bringing Bugs into the TV hunting program, but other TV shows lure Daffy with their prizes too and Bugs ends up with the money.

1960: Person To Bunny
Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd: April,1; MM; I Freleng
Note: This is a spoof of Edward R. Murrow's "Person to Person". Bugs pulls the log gag from the 1942's "All this and Rabbit Stew", and Daffy's soft shoe is reused animation from 1957's "Show Biz Bugs". Bugs is being interviewed on a TV show and says Elmer's IQ is P.U. which Elmer demands an apology, meanwhile Daffy tries to audition for Mr Burrows.

1961: The Aboniminable Snow Rabbit
Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny: May,20; LT; Chuck Jones
Bugs and Daffy tunnel to Nepal where they meet Hugo, who wants to hug them and pet them and hold them and squeeze them and name them George.

1961: Daffy's Inn Trouble
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: September,23; LT; Robert McKimson
Daffy is tired of being the janitor at Porky's Inn, so he builds his own Inn to compete, but gets no business so he tries to sabotage Porky's.

1962: Quackodile Tears
Daffy Duck: March,31; MM; Art Davis
Note: After 13 years Arthur Davis returns to directing. Part of this cartoon was used in "The Bugs Bunny Mother's Day Special" Daffy's wife orders him to tend to their egg, but Daffy gets it mixed up with a crocodile egg. Daffy and the crocodile keep stealing the egg from each other, each punishing the other more harshly with each swap.

1962: Good Noose
Daffy Duck: November,10; LT; Robert McKimson
Stowaway Daffy tries to stay aboard ship by using magic to entertain a modern-day Captain Bligh.

1963: Fast Buck Duck
Daffy Duck: March,9; MM; Robert McKimson
A dog stands between Daffy and his job as a millionaire's butler, so he tries to pole vault, use cats and knock out drops to get past the gaurd.

1963: Million Hare
Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny: April,6; LT; Robert McKimson
Note: This cartoon, like 1951's"The Prize Pest" and 1959's"People are Bunny" makes fun of the proliferation of game shows in the 1950's and 1960's. Bugs and Daffy race each other to the TV studio to win the "Million Box" which contains a million boxes inside.

1963: Aqua Duck
Daffy Duck: September,28; MM; Robert McKimson
Note: Part of this cartoon was used in "How Bugs Bunny Won the West" Daffy is going crazy from thirst in the middle of the desert. After finding a gold nugget he keeps encounterimg a pack rat wanting to trade water for the gold.

1964: The Iceman Ducketh
Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny: May,16; LT; Phil Monroe
Note: Phil Monroe's only directed cartoon for Warner Bros. Daffy gets greedy for pelt payoffs and want's Bug's, but Bug's leads him to some bears instead.

1965: It's Nice To Have A Mouse Around The House
Daffy Duck,Sylvester,Granny,Speedy Gonzales: January 16, LT. Friz Freleng
Granny's had enough of Speedy Gonzales (who has given Sylvester a nervous breakdown), so she hires Daffy Duck to exterminate him.

1965: Moby Duck
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales:March 27, LT. Robert McKimson
Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales are castaways on a tiny island. Daffy Duck finds a carton of canned food but won't share, even when Speedy Gonzales offers him a can opener.

1965: Assault And Peppered
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales:April 24, MM Robert McKimson
Speedy Gonzales represents starving mice in private war with rich & selfish landowner Daffy Duck.

1965: Well Worn Daffy
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales:May 22, LT. Robert McKimson
In the desert, Speedy and two Mexican mice companions are dying of thirst. They find an oasis, but are driven away from drinking some water by Daffy.

1965: Suppressed Duck
Daffy Duck: June,26; MM; Robert McKimson
Daffy goes hunting for a "4 point bear", and has to lure the bear to his side of the line to shoot hime, but Daffy keeps getting caught by the ranger when he breaks the rules.

1965: Corn On The Cop
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig: July,24: MM; Irv Spector
Granny is mistaken for a crook by cop's Daffy and Porky.

1965: Tease for Two
Daffy Duck,Goofy Gophers: Aug.28; LT Robert McKimson
Daffy Duck follows a treasure map which points him to the Gophers hole. But his attempts at eviction are thwarted by the sly Gophers.

1965: Chili Corn Corny
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales:October 23, LT. Robert McKimson
Speedy Gonzales helps amigo crow steal corn from Daffy Duck's field.

1965: Go Go Amigo
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales:November 20, MM Robert McKimson
Speedy Gonzales and friends want to listen to Daffy Duck's radio for their party without buying anything.

1966: Astro Duck
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales:January 1, LT. Robert McKimson
Daffy Duck leases a Mexican Hacienda, and doesn't want long-time resident Speedy Gonzales staying there.

1966: Mucho Locos
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales:January 29, MM Robert McKimson
Speedy Gonzales tells a tale of stupid ducks (scene from Robin Hood Daffy Duck), smart mice (Tortilla Flaps), and other earlier cartoons.

1966: Mexican Mouse-piece
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales:February 12, MM Robert McKimson
Daffy Duck tries to help the starving foreign cats by shipping them his excess mice, until the mice call for help from Speedy Gonzales.

1967: Daffy's Dinner
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales:January 28, MM Robert McKimson
Daffy Duck tries to sell mouseburgers with foam rubber mice in them, but a gun-toting cat makes him supply a real mouse--Speedy Gonzales.

1967: The Quacker Tracker
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales: April 29, LT. Rudy Larriva
The Hunting society offers a reward for catching & mounting Speedy Gonzales, and Daffy Duck takes the challenge.

1967: The Music Mice-Tro
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales: May 28, MM Rudy Larriva
Daffy Duck tries to escape the Hollywood rat race by vacationing in "Balmy Springs" but he's hounded by Speedy Gonzales's Mariachi band auditioning for him.

1967: The Spy Swatter
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales: June 24, LT. Rudy Larriva
A Scientist gives Speedy Gonzales a formula for super cheese that makes mice invincible, Daffy Duck is assigned to steal it.
1967: Speedy Ghost to Town
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales: July 29, MM Alex Lovy
Daffy Duck chases Speedy Gonzales through a ghost town and tries to steal his treasure map.

1967: Rodent to Stardom
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales: September 23, LT. Alex Lovy
A famous director promises Daffy Duck he'll be in pictures, but the real role for the duck is as Speedy Gonzales's stunt double.

1967: Go Away Stowaway
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales: September 30, LT. Alex Lovy
Speedy decides to send Daffy on a vacation. He pours soap chips in front of the window, making Daffy think it's winter. Daffy packs his bags and heads south, with Speedy secretly stowing away in his bags.

1967: Fiesta Fiasco
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales: December 9, LT. Alex Lovy
As Speedy Gonzales & friends plan a fiesta, Daffy Duck figures that he's been left out, so he plans to rain on their parade.

1968: Skyscrapper Caper
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales: March 9, MM Alex Lovy
Daffy and Speedy are friends, one night Daffy walks in his sleep and Speedy tries to warn Daffy about the lake but the cold water wakes Daffy. Speedy offers to watch Daffy while he sleeps for five peso's.

1968: See Ya Later Gladiator
Daffy Duck,Speedy Gonzales: June 29, LT. Alex Lovy
Daffy Duck tries to send Speedy Gonzales back to 65 A.D. using his employer's time machine, but they both go back and must fight the lion in the coliseum and then get chased by Nero.

1980: The Yolk's On You
Daffy Duck: Friz Freleng
Note: Originally produced for the TV special Daffy Duck's Easter Special

1980: The Chocolate Chase

1980: Daffy Flies North
Daffy Duck: Friz Freleng
Note: Originally produced for the TV special Daffy Duck's Easter Special

1980: Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24 1/2 Century
Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Marvin the Martian: MM; Chuck Jones
Duck Dodgers is assigned to protect the Rack-and-Pinion Molecule, the only substance that can polish yo-yos. Meanwhile, Marvin the Martian attempts to (what else?) blow up Earth.

1980: Daffy Duck's Easter Special
Daffy Duck: April,1; DePatie-Freleng

1987: The Duxorcist
Daffy Duck: November,20; LT; Steven S. Greene

1988: Night Of The Living Duck
Daffy Duck: September,23; MM; Steven S. Greene

Guest Appearances

1988: Who Framed Roger Rabbit